Saturday, July 9, 2011

on the train....

i am so stressed!

i was at the central station 10 this morning, because my train was going 15.30. i wanted to make sure i didnt miss the train right...

after waiting four hours i realized i forgot my bag at home, so i had to run back home right???

super stressed.
i ran to stabekk and back to oslo central station, thats like 30km and now i am so tired and got such an headache right 

i sent a text message to amanda and told her i dont want to do anything today... i hope she willprovide me pain killers....

she is my personal hodepinetablett hahaha tonight im ******* you

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Half human, half fish

when i was 10 years old i was a fisherman!!! did u know that???

bet u didnt!!!

i sailed the seven seas in korea,
i liked fish so much that i at one point turned into an eel....

i transformed... kinda

when arriving in norway at the age of 14 i partially turned back into an human being but i do have some side-effects,

u see them mostly when i am dancing para-para,
its difficult to explain but u could say i dance like this...

U all understand what I mean right? Dancing like him... Like a eel.

and i dont eat fish anymore, its like kinda cannibalism to me

How I look without makeup

This pic is from 2 years ago, when I was working as a salaryman in Japan... Life was so hard!!!

Working all day and no break!!! I collapsed after 5 minutes.... This pictures was taken after 4 minutes, before I collapsed... You guys know I can't work under stress right?

I don't miss my life as salaryman, now I can take a break whenever I want and look @ 109 online store! Halleluja for Restaurant Oppkast!

How to be skinny like me

I'm gonna show you guys a lil' bit more of my diet...

Healty, skinny, pretty and stylish!

Monday, July 4, 2011


hey my readers!!! and hey blog!!!

hej alle sammen!!!

idag skal jeg fortelle dere en ting.... i always go to sleep around 8PM RIGHT, men today i felt very FILOSOFISK so i did some thinking....

i am very proud being norges number 1 gyaruo... i feel so pretty and also that the dick in assmandick is a good dick. i am not only an assman, but also a good dick.

so, assmandick... it feels right

i will now show u a picture of the BOYS ONLY gyaru-sa i am in, we are still only 3 members but everyone is doing there best to improve

u find me on the left dressed in green (beautiful color), and in the middle is marcus, and louie on the right, we are all very fab, ikke sant???

i aim on being the worlds coolest GYARUO....

but now its 1 in the morning so i need to sleep, im not allowed to stay up this late!!!!

I think she stole something from me...

You see this Norwegian girl??? This video was published in May this year...

She says she is a little pretty girl trapped inside a grown ups body! And she want to live a glamourous life...

And look at me; this was published in December 2010! Do you hear, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to live a glamourous life long time before she wanted that!

And this is from my Twitter, on March!

"I'm a fat little girl trapped inside a guy's body. <3"


I am really shocked! How can people be so cruel?

She really stole something from me... I feel raped, used and extremely sad...

But hey, haters gonna hate. When people copy you, you should take it as a compliment right?? Because they want to be you, but in reality they are a wannabe!!


Min fortid........................

Jeg kom til å tenke på noe her om dagen, jeg vil gjerne forklare dere kjære lesere en ting...

Jeg var super-populær før, da jeg var 14-16 år.... Da jeg var visual-kei. Men så ble jeg over 20 år, og ingen var interessert i meg mer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Det var fordi jeg var en GAMMEL MANN!

Så ble jeg gyaruo.

Og nå.


Jeg er for sexy for alle sammen, sånn som jeg pleier å si;

"Sprayed my hair. It's now almost as stiff as the erection I get from looking at myself in the mirror."

Sometimes I feel like this guy

and then amanda is like "i was saying BOO-URNS"