Monday, July 4, 2011


hey my readers!!! and hey blog!!!

hej alle sammen!!!

idag skal jeg fortelle dere en ting.... i always go to sleep around 8PM RIGHT, men today i felt very FILOSOFISK so i did some thinking....

i am very proud being norges number 1 gyaruo... i feel so pretty and also that the dick in assmandick is a good dick. i am not only an assman, but also a good dick.

so, assmandick... it feels right

i will now show u a picture of the BOYS ONLY gyaru-sa i am in, we are still only 3 members but everyone is doing there best to improve

u find me on the left dressed in green (beautiful color), and in the middle is marcus, and louie on the right, we are all very fab, ikke sant???

i aim on being the worlds coolest GYARUO....

but now its 1 in the morning so i need to sleep, im not allowed to stay up this late!!!!

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